One Board Three Sails

Will that be enough, well it still weighs a ton. 32 kg exact. 3 sails, one board, 2 masts, one boom, bits and bobs to fit it all together, but only one piece of downhaul rope.

We have been planning this one week trip to Morocco for a long time, well actually we haven't been planning it, more just talking about it, trying to plan it and then just ending up getting drunk. The only way to actually do this is to buy everyones ticket in one foul swoop then they have to go. When you do that, you can guarantee that others will join.

We have the following, James Cox, Jack Hunt, Ollie Wood, Rupert Holloway, Charlie Hall and Mike Oman. 2 cars, 2 destinations - Moulay and Essaouria. One bedroom and a lot of chaos. (plus plenty of cameras)... and hopefully a good forecast. If not, like I said one bedroom and a lot of cameras.

One questions, boardbags, rubbish. Do zips ever last more than one trip, I had to slash mine up with a stanley knife and hold it together with paperclips. Why are the zips metal? Metals corrodes, plastic doesnt, simple.