Friendly Southbourne

Spend the day at work with a cold from too much cycling in the never ending rain. Had to come home early and go to bed, and too ill to be tempted in a post work windsurf. But went to have a look just to torture myself. Luckily the tide was too high for the little waves to be breaking on the sandbar, although Clyde tried the usual "You should have been here earlier trick". I'm too old and wise to fall for that one.

Took a couple of shots. I thought that getting right down low would help make the waves look bigger, but didn't factor in that you wouldn't be able to see the wave because of the one in front. Hmmmmm. However it did mean you could get Southbourne's friendly shorebreak in the shot.

One more photo, just to show the pretty side of Southbourne. You know. For balance.