Stuck in a Cox Sandwich.

Currently my foot is a bath of dettol, having sustained a rather large cut somehow, in what can only be described as a second "filthy" session at Southbourne.
You could go higher than our kiter friends today!
However I want to start by mentioning Tim Cox's extremely bodacious forward bail out, possible they most impressive I have ever seen. A double loop separate but in complete coordination with his kit which did a single loop.

This morning I hunted down by all three Cox brothers at Avon (Simon, Tim and Jim)It was powered 4.2 weather, OK waves, not as good as last Thursday but a hell of a lot of fun. Soon though it was rammed, busier than I have seen for a long while which hindered jumping and waveriding quite a lot, for a while you had to straighten out jumps a lot because there was no clear landing area, or just leave the wave. However you can't get angry at these things, it's a pleasure to see so many people windsurfing - such a good atmosphere.

Today backlooping was quite a bit harder than last Thursday, it was less windy so you couldn't just let the wind and the wave do it for you this time, however with the right ramp you could get some good height and choose a landing well.

HEIGHT, well, the second session at 5.30pm after family comittments were fulfilled was something else. Both my board and 4.2 sail were too big. Southbourne was at its biggest. The height you could get on normal jumps was ridiculous as the wave left suspended in mid air, the wind just pushing you higher. I was too scared to go for anything else.  These big cross on conditions are what James Cox is all about, I managed to catch what he says is probably one of his highest back loops. If it doesn't do it justice with these pictures (taken from above him on the cliff top) let me assure you it was massive.

Full sequence. It was properly landing, I have no idea why I didn't keep my finger on the button the whole way through. Probably because I was too excited and wanted to get out.