Sore Hands and Daddy Day Care.

It's only been 3 out of 4 days on the water and my hands are falling apart. Too much tapping at computer key pads, but right now its been an epic week and once again I remember why I became a teacher!!

Yesterday was huge amounts of fun, in less than great conditions. Ollie Wood was keen on Avon as he is starting to get properly back into it again, I was more than happy to sail in company as Wigwam (Matt Wigham) was also around. In the end it was up and down, sunny with a v small swell, turned out a perfect freestyle/blasting/bump and jump/wave wiggle session in sunshine.

We are trying to book a trip to Morocco this summer, but it is going no where. For two months now. Last night most of us were discussing the trip over wine. Wine soon took precedent and the trip didn't get booked- again.

Now today, Liz is at work. I am with Casey all day and its windy windy outside. I have a plan though. At about 6pm Avon is looking good. Good sized swell and SW, so the plan is to get all the house shit done. Look like and angel then as soon as Liz gets home, sneak off to "walk the dog" for a power hour. However I am confused by BigSalty and XC weather. Big Salty says pissing with rain, XCweather says sunshine. I'm going with XYZweather.

Tomorrow looks even more epic, I'll probably have to resort to Avon again as my Southbourne partners in crime are all away on holiday to flat windy places!! I hope they are not looking at tomorrow's forecast, because (touching a lot of wood, trees, sticks branches and even the picnic table), it is the best forecast of the year so far.

Right back to Daddy Day care...