Jubilee Holiday Bonus

Am totally baffled that most of the country is delighted to stand around in the rain to cheer the royal family. I'd like to declare myself a republican, get a discount on the tax I pay and spend it on a new quad 90.

 However, I'm happy to take this extra day's holiday - and any more they're offering (if mad prince Philip dies that must be worth a national day's mourning?).

Alba is already rebelling though. The first thing she's properly held onto and it's a union jack to wave when the queen was on the telly. If I was disappointed you should have seen Maria.

Anyway, 2 days of unexpected wind has left me with alarmingly worn out hands. I must be a softy office boy these days. Saturday was a bit of a disappointment, mainly as my 430 tushy mast gave up the ghost coming down from a back loop meaning I missed the only windy bit swimming in and changing sails. By the time I was back out the tide had got too high and tiny waves weren't breaking on the sandbar anymore.

Today was much more fun, even though it was pissing with rain, blowing from the wrong way and pretty much flat. Spent the morning at the Waite's with babies and toddlers crawling and crying all over the place, hemming in by persistent rain. Eventually cabin fever drove Clyde, Emile and me out to the beach. Spent about an hour charging around on the Maui Project (soon to become a quad - if I get around to it), then had to let two desperate dogs out of the van, so picked up the waterproof camera to test it out. Not a great day for it, given the lack of exciting action and pelting rain and greyness. But I've posted the pics below to remind me how not to do it. Apologies for missing every single move!


  1. there is potential though! enjoyed reaquainting myself with port tack forwards. I also have a port tack worn out bit on my hand. Hopefully tomorrow will be the correct way round.


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