Center of the Universe.

Everything is blurred and the slightest bit of sunshine is whiting my vision out to the extent where I can only sit comfortably in a darkened room. This is not a result of the Friday night beer, or the curry, or even an amazing Friday after work windsurf. With the summer winds regular at weekends making me only reach for my smallest sail, good sized groundswell and the brightest of sunshine, right now, we/I feel like we might just be the center if the universe.
He is in there somewhere

What a session that was. I can quite happily say that I didn't make a single breaking section for the first 45 minutes. Either chickening out, or when I did go for it getting the most ridiculous drilling and swim afterwards. The sandbar at Southbourne was so shallow and as I ejected I could see the sand quite cleary through the pit of the wave. I felt better once Coxy said he reckoned he only had a 50% success rate. At mid tide the waves were big and had power. At low tide when the photo's were taken the size had dropped off and they were dumping harshly onto the sand bar. Getting held under actually meant a moment of tranquility.

My slight blindness today, and the reason I am not out at the moment is from a laser eye surgery consultation, hopefully at some point today I'll be able to see because it is shaping up nicely out there. Contact lenses are just becoming not an option at the moment.

moment of tranquility

Thanks to Charlie for spending a 20 mins taking pictures at the end of his "surf". Gregg and Colin dissappeared to Highcliff which sounds like it could have been cleaner. Right now they are at K-bay, where it might be flat, but after Greggs 10 day family holiday missing ALL the wind, he is desperate to recover lost time. I hope his kit survives.