3rd Day in a Row

The look they all (wife, dog, son) gave me as I made my excuses yet again. I almost, actually I do want some time with no wind and hot sunshine, the guilt is making itself known. In the old days I would have been out all day. Now it is a power hour, two or if I am lucky three.

Today was a lot of fun, not classic. It was very onshore and gusty, but I was ok with a 5.0 and 95. A 5.3 would have been better had Colin not stolen it. Southbourne was almost busy, about 8 people. Colin, Rod, Gregg, Coxy, Charlie, Me some others, and a welcome to Naomi who had her first Southbourne experience, and was happy to just get past the shore break. There was also a herd, or is it a pride of Ezzy's. Too many contaminating the water!

The lack of action shots is only explained by a 60 second photo burst before I rigged up. There was plenty of loops going around. Not so many completed by me, I just can't see how to do backies when it is so onshore and a bit flukey. Plenty of almosts, but none to claim. I irked my irritation to Coxy who had done a million, then he catupulted right in front of me, locked in his harness, straight onto his mast, in pain. Justice was done!