Promising week ahead

Not seen one of these in a while. Wind, swell, rain (good for the garden) and looking to last all week too. Nice. I missed the bank holiday Monday session. I can't complain, I spent 10 days in Morzine having a lot of fun (and also doing a lot of baby sitting) in Avoriaz where there was a surprising amount of snow for this time of the year. Still, as much fun as snowboarding is, it still doesn't beat a good old windsurf, and as a complete bonus I have some new windsurfing kit. Two brand new pieces of downhaul rope which I can't wait to try. I'm afrayed the old ones just kept snapping.

The only thing, looking at this forecast is that it seems a little on the cold side. We have weird, strange weather cycles in the UK. I bet we have already had our Summer!