It was all wrong..

I can't remember the last time I didn't actually enjoy a windsurf. For some reason today just didn't do it for me, I don't know why. It took me ages to rig up, I couldn't get out past the wierd shore break for a while, my boom was too high, my hands got too cold twice, I didn't want to get wet, it was hailing at times, harness lines and sail felt all wrong, I felt wrong. New piece of downhaul rope was good, very good.

Gregg was out, perplexed by new family demands and sailing much better than me ( this was not a hard thing to do). Jamie Hancock had rigged a 4.0 for some reason and spent most of the time hanging out with his lady at the top of the hill. James Cox turned up at about 6pm, went out just as the sunshine came out. I left hoping to be in a better frame of mind tomorrow, here is hoping...