Full Power Wednesday

It is not actually possible to recall a number plate into the phone, whilst it is blowing its tits off. Wasting valuable water time I was trying to tell the automated person my numberplate so I could buy a parking ticket at the new Avon Beach car park. The tarmac is lovely by the way. I am never going to have £1.40 in change on me.

Eventually I managed to convince the robot that my number plate ended in a F and not an S. I might be from Essex but surely my accent is not that bad.

The other slightly odd thing is that no one was out. One guy was sitting in his car. He informed me it was 5.3 weather. Not so sure about this I went for a 4.7 icon. Which was perfect, until 30 minutes later it was 4.2 weather. After about an hour there were 6 of us out, a very low turnout for Avon.

Avon itself was jump city, cross on with some side every now and then. Fun waves to ride, killer shore break, and some decent ramps for forwards (about time I remembered how to do these) and the some backloops (not so good at remembering how to do these). All in all it was a typical Avon windsurfing park, the best I have had it for a couple of years now. Tomorrow looks southwest, so should be even better - I hope.. I am getting so behind work so the options are to catch up when it is not windy, or just not bother doing it and hope someone doesn't notice.

The Southbourne pack were remarkably disbanded today. Colin B went to Kimmeridge where it was port tack nuclear. He said he even got intimate with some rocks. Gregg despite being on windsurfing (sorry paternity) leave had to go to work. Coxy and Jamie "mini george" Hancock went to Sandbanks, where by all accounts it was pretty good - up to logo high. Matt Wigham went to Southbourne and said it was basically unsailable, and turned up to Avon just as I was racing off to try and get to the nursery before it closed.

I'm now drinking some victory ales and pretending I don't need to go and teach 5 hours of lessons back to back tomorrow.

The pictures are courtesy of Trevor Hibdige. He was snapping his son Nic and friend who are two local upcoming freestyle talents, however a freestyle board was not the best choice for today!

And finally if you have got this far...

CONGRATULATIONS to windsurfbritain contributor Ian Clingan, he has been out of the country coaching some Olympic Sailors for the best part of two month. He arrived just in time to see the arrival of his baby daughter Lily Rose.

To celebrate this fact he is selling his Fanatic Freewave 86 Twin ( a great board) for £425, so email him at ianclingan@hotmail.com if you are interested.