Easter Bankholiday Boscombe

Easter Monday, it could only be wet and windy. And it was - is. It's still light enough to sail as I write this at 8.45 pm.

A welcome chance to try out some 'new' kit that I've been busy acquiring. There's the 'new' board, a Tabou Pocket Wave 85 purchased by Clyde, (from Debbie Kennedy) for 50 quid. As James said, what did he do to her to get it for that price? Lets hope we never find out. Then the 'new' mast (95 quid on ebay for a 100% skinny tushingham 400), 'new' sail (last years Gun something or other from Jack Hunt), another bargain - I've left the stickers on so people mistake me for someone good.

It's hard to believe how cheap windsurfing has become these days, if you're prepared to dig around a little, and aren't too bothered by having lots of fins. I think I was on the water for less than £300 quid, all in, including the £2 parking fee.

And good fun is was too. We sailed atBoscombe, a bit further up than usual, about mid way between the piers, since that's where everyone else was. And waited for low (spring) tide, which came late in the day, also giving the waves time to build with the SSW wind. Some were quite big, logo high in the biggest sets, head high most of the time. Felt a bit outgunned by James Cox and Jamie Hancock having an impromptu sail-off but managed a few nice smacks when no one was looking. Also a comedy shall-I-shan't-I? forward loop, which might have looked like I'm learning to do them more stalled, but probably just looked painful.

Best bit though, was keeping an eye on the clock, then coming home for 6 and giving Alba her bath. Really nice being a parent!