Disaster at Kbay..

Arrghhh, is my most favoured expression. I didn't half moan. What I hate is mincing about for hours hoping the winds turns up. Kind of reminds of some windsurfing events. Kbay yesterday probably topped the top ten of un-succesful Kbay visits. It was a good forecast, on arrival it was torrential, squally, no waves and onshore.

Then to make it even worse this happened, a stray MOD shell. The dog was ok though.

So yet again, we got home went to have a look at Southbourne and it looked great fun. Quickly put 1 year old to bath/bed. Slightly annoyed at losing family day time, then went out at 7pm for a power hour and a half a bit underdone on a 5.0 and a waveboard. Gregg, or the ghost of Gregg had a 5.7 and was getting some nice backloops. Jamie Hancock also raced out and one of Colin's friends, Sarah Fryman managed to get out (her first experience of Southbourne) after doing an impressive forward loop down the hill.

This was the 4th time I'd been out this week. Looking forward to not getting cold hands. I finally feel up to it, after feeling dead rusty. Looking forward to Wednesday now, which will hopefully deliver...