Boscombe Surprise

Even the reef was working! Now that is something that is un-expected! If I was the council I would be snapping happy and make car stickers saying "see we really didn't waste all your money", the boat hitting it was just a lie!

Basically. Basically it was pissing it down all day, the kids at school were mental. There was a department meeting and I had to pick Casey up before 6 from from the nursery.

There is one good thing about Casey's nursery though, it is right on the beach. The meeting somehow finished at 4pm and very randomly there was amazing swell at Boscombe. I only managed 45mins, but it was pretty good. By the time I got out it was dropping loads. So why did Gregg and Colin wait so long before going out. When I left Boscombe line up looked like dot's of ants who (can ant's be referred to as who), who had just found the jam. 

Colin - unemployed!

Initially I thought I just had time to walk the dog and take a few snaps. I didn't even have my winter wetsuit, just my Simmer 3:2. My winter suit was soaked and there was no way I was going to put a wet wetsuit on again. Turned out the summer suit was fine. Had a good 40 mins then a super dash to pick up Casey and bring him back to see what all the fuss is about.

Those people with sticks standing up look so stupid Dad!

Gregg getting in the thick of it

Casey actually took this, pressed the button randomly - nice boscombe mini barrel in the background!

Bainbridge about to go over the falls!

no front here.

Its been a long time since the blog was active, this week has been good so far. Only Friday I didn't get on the water and even then I probably could have.