Bail outs, Back loops and Back slaps

Dammit, it has happened. Now I want go windsurfing every day again. This is a bad place to be, because there are so many more responsibilities now. You just get used to the equilibrium, work, life, windsurf balance and then April happens. By most peoples standards I have had it pretty damn good. 5 days snowboarding, 6 days (not full days) windsurfing in good conditions and 1 days paddle boarding in the last 3 weeks. Now I am thinking of tomorrow of not being able to out, or the next day. This is not a nice thought.

What a great evening it was at Avon Beach. Sunny, warm, solid 5.0 weather good waves coming in here and there. Some good jumping here and there, plus it was nice and easy side shore and clean. (the water actually was not so clean after the torrential rain).

Colin  was once again taking a leisurely approach to getting out. A couple of cappucinos, muse through the Guardian, some Danish Pastries and a game of sudoko he didn't manage to get out much before me. I had just done 5 hours teaching. Gregg was also out earlier making good use of his Paternity leave. Gregg has once again fallen in love with is 04 Evo - has some one out there got another he can have, his is well and truly badgered.

And this last one. First wave, went for forward, caught the board wrong and bailed. At least I cleared the horizon.

Once again thankyou to Trevor Hibdige for the super sharp shots.