Twinser Not Holding Bruch Back

Just been watching the Chelsea Napoli game, and perusing the interweb for some windsurfing inspiration in these doldrum times. The new Bruch movie is pretty breath taking too watch, not quite as good as the real thing but still good. What I noticed at the end was a) that Bruch was using a twin fin and b) they were pretty big - or look to be.

Since getting a mutlifin and managing to get my head around fin sizes, whilst sailing the twinsers, for me I was always troubled by how un-predictable they can be in certain conditions, i.e overpowered or on a bit of a choppy wave, or for jumping especially in cross on conditions. Twinser surf boards have bigger fins by quite a way than the thruster equivilent, so I thought bigger fins might be a good idea. I butchered my own at first and they showed promise, but the fit was terrible.

I spoke to Thorpy and he sent me some 18 or 19cm (can't quite remember which), fairly upright stubbies and they have transformed the board. I always knew it was a good shape.

The long and short of it is, if you have a twinnie then try out some bigger fins.

What I have found is that you still get that tight pocket turn, but a lot more drive!

4-4 Chelsea Napoli! I guess it would be nice for Chelsea to go through.