A Terrible Friend

I'm a terrible friend. Today just proved that.

It was Matt's stag do, a very drunk affair involving a big fire in the middle of the new forest. This morning we were musing the idea of mountain biking in the New Forest. That was the plan. When Jim Cregan, creator of "Jimmy's Iced Coffee" called up. "It's up too head high and glassy as *%$k". I think before I could even come up with my excuses, the decision was made. I still feel bad, but it was probably the best surf here in over a year.

One quick snap I took from the top, before struggling to work out how to get into my wetsuit
Highcliffe was especially good, crowded on the right which had some good size. The best spot was far down under the cliff where some good rights and lefts were break. I had lost my phone, but I heard that Gregg and Colin were already at Kbay. I'm sure it was as good as it gets there.