Monday morning and just time for a quick report on the blog to keep Clyde happy. Pretty much a perfect sup surfing weekend. Colin, Maria and I went over quite early on Saturday, not expecting any waves, just to go for a flat water paddle around as it was such a calm, warm day. Crested the final hill and looked down over solid lines coming into the bay and a big set out on Broad Bench. Car park was filled with surfers who had done a better job of watching the weather than me.

There were maybe 20 surfers out at the first ledge, and another 10 at Yellows. Not so many that you couldn't get any waves, but enough that you had to pick your way through them. The waves were beautiful though, very clean, big, but breaking so predictably that it wasn't that intimidating, peeling perfectly down the line then letting you out in the channel. Just paddling around the break was like watching a surf movie.

First time I've had the 8'5" out in big waves, and had a great time. I got a couple of waves with proper big drops, bottom turns as hard as I could manage, top turns right under the section and then do it all again for maybe three or four turns, which I don't think I've ever managed before on a SUP. Well, it felt right under the section anyway. I also, for the first time I can remember, actually had my foot up against the wedgy bit of foam at the back of the board. I always thought it was just decorative, like a spoiler on a 1.3 hatchback!

I've borrowed these photos from a guy called Gary Lawton who put them up on his blog, I hope he doesn't mind. Actually I hope he sees this so I can ask him for the originals!

Sunday was a bit of a repeat performance. Again went over expecting the surf would have gone, but there was a really mellow bit left. Perhaps head high in the biggest sets, and unusually for Kbay on a dying swell, plenty of waves coming through, and just so warm and sunny and glassy and lovely.

Spring has arrived at last. The days are feeling longer, and it's warm enough to get out of the water and not put your shoes on.

Got to go to work now. I'm nearly too chilled out to bother.


  1. Maria's doing well is she is still getting flat water paddles in and out in such good quality surf.........looks like you had a good day......

  2. Maria kind of stuck to walking the dog on the shore. Being 37 weeks pregnant and all. But take your point, good of her to go along at all...

    You must be getting pretty close now, when's your due date?


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