Maui Project Project (Part 1.)

No wind weekend, and temperatures barely above freezing. A perfect opportunity to clean out the van (and much needed if I'm honest). Things started well. I began to remove the rotting towels and sweep out the sand. Then I came across the remaining parts of my old Syncro 90 (snapped a couple of weeks ago). It was beyond repair (and actually half is in a bin on the seafront), so I got the saw to cut the back half into small enough bits to fit in the bin. Then I saw my 'new' replacement for the Syncro, a Maui Project Style M from (I think) 2002. A bargain at £60 on ebay, and in pristine condition.

Well, I still had the saw in my hand. Might as well use it.

Everyone knows the only real difference between an 8 year old 90 litre Maui Project Style M and a modern wavy FSW 90 is a bit of width and about 10 cm extra on the nose. I can't do much about the width, but how hard can it be to reshape the nose?

Quite hard as it turns out with saw. But get involved with an angle grinder and you're soon transformed into a master shaper.

I'm now eating celebratory custard creams and drinking tea but worrying slightly that I might have overdone it.


  1. OMG, desperate times. I assume you are not going to actually try and sail it...

    Also glad to see you have joined the board snapping club. Easy isn't it.

  2. Not desperate at all. Apart from the lack of wind and sub-zero temperatures. It's looking sweet. Can't wait to try it out. And the nose I've skilfully crafted is specifically designed to make landing back loops really easy.

  3. LOL - like a spear / neolithic arrow head!

  4. Gregg, you are mental. From now on you MUST consult with me before making decisions. YOu can't just cut off features you don't like. Especially important with impending children. I can only imagine what Maria was thinking. Clyde

  5. This wasn't really a decision as such. More of a whim when i happened to have a saw in my hands. But I think it's a triumph. I'll post an update with more pics.


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