Cornwall has changed!

Farms, Zoos, Aquariums, sightseeing and cycle tracks.. Hmm, not the sort of Cornwall trip I am familiar with. That would involve wet smelly vans, mincing round loads of beaches before going at the one you started out, ale, and general talking shit. I guess, or I now know that is how family changes things. It's a little too much to ask a 11 month old to hang about a beach on a wet cold February day (or two). Any hour on the water becomes even more special.

Daymer Bay
Daymer Bay draws you in a Northerly, or North Westerly. I was all set up to have a whole morning there last Wednesday when I lost my keys. An hour later, they were in a small pocket in my bag. An hour of key looking also had to coincide with possibly the best hour of the week of windsurfing. I got to Daymer as it was dying. took out my mostly used sail, the 5.6 Black Tip and jokerwave and had a great hour blasting around, catching the odd wave and getting some decent height jumps. Towards the other side of Daymer the wave really jacks up in the river, forming perfect ramps. I did my highest forward in a long time, and with a 5.6!

Friday of half term I was hoping would see me get a sneaky session at the Bluff. Unfortunately it wasn't really windy enough. The waves were a good size at Gwithian, but not really so much at the bluff. It was too windy for paddle boarding and not enough for windsurfing. All four of us sat in the Van for ages looking at these decent sized waves coming in. Liz, Casey and Willow all wondering why I was in the car with them and not out on the water. I was going through my head how possible it will be to paddle board, or would I just be stuck on the inside, and/or look like a right twat because I wouldn't be able to balance on the board in the chop. Sometimes it's just good enough to get in the water and get wet. I'm glad I did, even choppy waves at Gwithian are worth the effort.

After a week, we head back on Saturday just as the low pushes in, most of the day is spent in the van. Boscombe meanwhile is the best it has been for years. Sideshore, good riding waves and Gregg is out on his, erm, new slightly modified board. The onset of father hood must be doing strange things to his brain.