1st Mid Week Special

To get out in the week you have to be super organised.

There was no time to look at several beaches, but we did anyway. Avon looked like it might have been fun if the tide was higher, typically it was out, all the way out.

So in convoy, driving as dangerously as possible Matt Wigham and myself made it to Southbourne beach. It was wet, pretty cold, onshore and we tried to talk ourselves out of it plenty of times. Matt then asked me "Would you go if I wasn't here", to which I replied "Yes". Why? because the internal psychological pain of not knowing what it was like, even if bad, is far worse than any cold or hot hands you can get.

Turned out it was good fun. I was out on my favourite combo. Mistral 82 twinser, with the new stubbie K4's and  the 5.0 simmer black tip. I think they were all made for each other.

First run out, perfectly powered, ramp insight, should I forward, should I backloop, start with a forward, nope it's just walled up and curled over, backloop it is then. Over rotated and flat landing. But yep already worth it. If I had more balls I would have gone for a high forward. But I haven't its cold and my head is still in work mode!

Turned out to be a cracking great sail, until I hit the rip. I found myself getting it on the head, not being able to get out of the impact zone, wind dropping, then to my dismay in about 5 minutes I had been washed almost a kilometre down the beach. Now the wind was dropping, and I had to get back, get out the water, pack and pick my son up from Nursery in the next 30 minutes.

I made it, Just...