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Good fun today, tide was low, wind was WNW and small long waves were coming in. Enough to get maybe 5 turns if you were lucky to coincide a good one with a gust of wind. It was gusty though, really gusty and all over the shop maybe 10 - 30 knots!

Actually Colin, not Gregg, my mistake.
Gregg and Colin were meant to be going to KBay, I opted out of that because of my Nephew's 1st (would it have been bad form not to go to this). Turns out they went to Southbourne (damn hard to get away from that place). Looked good loads of nice waves peeling in. I thought Gregg was on a 5.7 ( it was red and white), so I rigged a 5.6. Went out in one of the gusts, did a forward, then got completely annilated. I realise then that Gregg was out on his new  Gun 4.7 and it was actually Colin on a red and white 5.3. Unfortunately I advised Ollie Wood to take a 5.8. He was not best pleased. I quickly changed to a 5.0.

Colin harrasing the surfers

I have to apologise to Colin a bit, as he caught two quality waves and was ripping it up, I wrongly it assumed he was Gregg. Gregg had a bit of a disaster of a day. He tried to rescue a kiteboard and then managed to slice his sail in half with it.
 Then he managed to snap his board completely in half, and spent the rest of the time paranoid about snapping everything else.
"This beats London Life"
There was a really good crowd out. Rob, Matt Wigham, Gregg, Colin, Brolly and a few others who I can't remember the names of . Noticeably absent was Coxy who had already arranged to meet his posh chums in the New Forest for some rambling pub fun. Last thing he said to me was "I can't go out today, don't worry though I've taken a bottle of whisky with me". I don't feel sorry for him though, I'm sure he has been out all week while the rest of us have been stuck inside buildings made of glass, brick and mortar with no exit sign.

"Not like you will be needing this anyway Gregg - you're going to be a Dad in 6 weeks

Used the largest stubbies today, certainly gave me loads more drive. Loved them - perhaps maybe I could have used the smaller ones since it was pretty bloody windy!

Oh, just in from Twitter (the really annoying site that lets you know other people are having an amazing time on the water when you are not!)

Timo Mullen
KBAY again!! Wow KBay has been sooo good this winter! 5hrs in the water today,great jumping 4.7m & 77 Quad!Same 2moro!!

Colin will be very annoyed!


  1. I just need to get my 'why I didn't let Colin go to K Bay' excuse out. First of all I had a flat tyre on the van, which I took to kwikfit to fix at 9.00 on the dot. It was in the waiting room there that I first texted Colin to say K Bay. No response. Multiple texts later and finally a response at 11.30. Getting late by now as I have a heavily pregnant girlfriend who doesn't want to be left on her own all day. Anyway, Colin needs "about 40 minutes to wake up properly". So I wait. Maria is impatient to walk the dog, so I go with her, to the beach, and watch someone having a great time right in front of Colin's house. Sideshore, head high waves, good jumping and riding. I'm slightly frothing at the mouth by this point. Finally Colin turns up, and by now it's more than awkward to explain to Maria that I need the whole afternoon/evening to drive miles away from the perfect conditions she can see, plus which we're now so late that we'll catch the 'family windsurfing' brigade who manage to do two activities in one day. Plus Southbourne will be low tide, which is perfect. Colin then wants to check every website he can with the word weather in the title. And on top of all this, I had a feeling my board was going to snap today - less of a feeling really, more it had a big crack running along the deck - and I didn't fancy it going half way out to Broad Bench.

    So in short. All Colin's fault.

  2. Colin, Colin, Colin...early bird and all that!


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