K4's Arrive in Time

Well, we thought they were lost in the back of a Royal Mail Trannie, but never doubt Her Majesty's most excellent service. They turned up in time for the weekends forecast, and in that time I think they may well have undergone some form of mitosis.

These stubbies are the ones I am interested in, the are a little thicker and square in area. I'm hoping that they support my 85kg bulk better over chop and can be driven harder for jumping, but still retaining the nature of a twin on a wave. Theses ones below are the biggest set in the range at 18cm (not sure of the units of that?!)

I tried making a bigger set of fins before. Initial impressions were that they did give the extra drive I wanted, however the fit in the box was awful and ended up being a bit of a detriment.

From left to right.

15 K4flex, 16 K4flex then 16 stubbie and on the right 18 stubbies. The stubbies are designed to give more power and drive in more onshore/windswell type conditions, where the standard flex fins are for "thrashing the hell out of a wave " as the designer Steve Thorp put it.

Looks like a cracking forecast for the weekend. It's looking like a morning session on Saturday for me and a green card on Sunday for whichever time looks the best. Hopefully we will get some pictures to put up here, and maybe even a little feed back on the fins..