Hot Hands

I was late, really late. Another conspiricy, I pretty much missed it. After some very polite arguments, during some wine drinking, of windsurfing needs, musts and schedules verses normal life I almost didn't make it out, James definitely didn't make it out. Thats all Ill say about that.

I'm sure in the South Easterly it was really good all day, sunny, plenty of nice waves peeling in. Gregg, Colin and new recruit to the area  Matt Wigham had already been out for a good hour on 5.3's. Colin was pretty excited about it all, so I gather that he had a really good time.

Shame I missed it all really, I had a few average waves and got bloody cold hands, they still hurt now. It was still worth going out though, otherwise I would be sitting here quite down, out and over it.