fun fun fun in the sun sun sun

What a bonus today was. The plan was to go out in the afternoon, not in the morning. However BigSalty changed that. Highcliff was considered first, there were some surfers out but it was too sheltered. Kimmeridge would amass more time than I had on my hands. Yet again Southbourne was reliable.

At first it seemed like it would be one of those days of walking down the cliff, going out, swimming, walking up the cliff, walking down the cliff, going out swimming, giving up struggling back up the cliff. Luckily that only happened twice.

 It was amazing how warm (relatively) it all was too, considering it was essentially North Westerly. Well if that is as cold as they get, they can keep coming (and with some ground swell too)

Cross off again, harder to pick out waves, but if you were in the right spot at the right time you could have some really good fun.

I used my 4.7 Simmer Icon and Mistral Twinser 82 which seemed to be the perfect set up, despite the gusty conditions. Using larger fins have transformed the board in less than perfect conditions. Amazing how much difference to the board changing styles of fins makes. More later.

I would love to upload some more pictures, but blogger is being  really slow. More tomorrow..