Boscombe Reef

This is an old story, but one I have been meaning to write briefly about for a little while. It seems a shame that there has been no further development on the multi-million pound Boscombe Reef. In fact there has been un-development, people are actually forbidden to use it, I say forbidden, you might get shouted at by a boy in red shorts and a yellow T Shirt through a loud speaker!

The reef -dry!
This made me ask the question though. Apart from Lakes and Sailing clubs with Range Rover types, when are we actually forbidden to windsurf or surf anywhere. What reef in the world has a sign post telling you that you cannot use it. We use the water at our own risk, and look for the challenges it presents, so a broken reef that in the first place didn't quite work, is now a broken reef that is out of bounds. This, is quite very funny, but amongst Council wizardry, it doesn't quite surprise me.

Same swell not the reef
Boscombe sea front itself (despite the reef) is ever growing in popularity and is a pretty nice place to hang out.

 Parking off season is also not toooo bad at 60p an hour. (another council scam, why is 50p not suitable. Who has a 50p and a 10p. Most usually just pop a pound coin in). The beaches left and right of the pier are probably working better than they have for a long while, even at low tide in a medium swell and far better than the reef ever did.

Maybe the sign forbidding it's use, is actually a cover up for the fact that there was no use...

Sorted surf school doing well

Sorted Surf shop have also seemed to embrace paddle boarding, as the popularity of their hire increases, makes sense as it's really accessible even in flat calm. The other thriving business is the restaurant/cafe Urban Reef. Which considering, it's location is really good enough value for money and serves up some really good dishes too. (Especially the first time we went there when their card machine was faulty) ssshhhh.

Paddle boards a plenty..maybe they will hire windsurfers one day..


  1. How are the fisherman getting on with the suppers? I remember the joys of catching some tackle when surfing the pier.


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