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First windsurf of the year was pretty special taking all things into account. Not today (as in Tuesday's practical hurricane). Today's wind meant you could only move if you were in a car, you even had to peddle hard to get down Boscombe hill. There is a walkway between two buildings at school perfectly angled to accelerate any wind. Even a mild force 4 get's accelerated to a force 6! Today people were actually struggling to walk through it. But I'm writing about yesterday's windsurf. Today was a work day so no chance to get out on the water ( a perfect excuse really)

Yesterday served up sideshore longish wally (for here) waves if you were lucky enough to be in time with the sets, blue skies and relatively warm winds for the time of year.

Gregg's brother Jono (of Menorca windsurfing, multiple island games champ etc, fame) was visiting also. It's been a pretty long time since we have all windsurfed together, however the only bit of windsurfing equipment he bought was a pair of boots. Not sure quite what he had in mind. Small islands, they do funny things to the mind.

There was also a herd of kiters out (is that their collective, or maybe a flaggle, or even a teapot of kiters.) Well up by the Bistro they were getting some choice waves, and were looking well powered which helped sail size decisions.

Having not been on the water for so long despite months of good conditions, taking pictures was not really a priority, however Gregg damaged his brand new design 2013 prototype board so had a little time to catch a few snaps of the last runs of the day before the waves came. It was a shame we didn't capture some of the choice sets that were forming well and walling up really nicely.

 Coxy trying to get a touch of my Simmer Black Tips.

 Some good sections to smack, or even get smacked by!
 Little red riding hoood, Mrs Cox and soon to be Author extrodinaire.. (although for some reason, writing under her original name "Lucy Clarke", no idea why?)
Jono, (someone managed to lend him a rig, wetsuit and board to go with his boots). Considering it was 8 degrees in January he reckoned he was perfectly toasty in my Simmer 3:2 he borrowed (plug)!


  1. Glad D-minor got the last pic of me ripping that wally wave. I think I probably outfoxed you all on wave choice and got all the wally ones. Hope you'll still lend me that AMAZING SIMMER STYLE 3:2 next time...

    ps. Er, it might need a rinse...

    1. if only he got the wave before!!


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