Westerlies suit the Gower, happy to be home and disappointed to have missed the late autumn and onset of winter I've enjoyed the last couple of days!

Good to catch up with the guys, sail Horton and get some great waves and good wind angle.

I missed a Pill session with a hospital appointment to see the consultant-but I'm slowly getting used to the idea of fatherhood and the change of life. We have the car seat and it looks like it will fit in the front of the van (does anyone have experience of putting the newborn seat in the front of the van?? middle seat ok? or should we put it in the nearside position??) And the push chair cot looks like it will be ok for sleeping in the back, or not sleeping as the case might be!! All windsurfing with newborn advice welcomely received!!

So, good to see Fester sailing in the dark, working on his Zen like wave riding skills, Dave improving in his 50's, Justin ripping again, Matt on a 4.7 and riding all the better for it, Sam, Ling, Chris, Rhys getting right into his windsurfing and everyone else!! Fantastic the water is so warm, back from WA (working not windsurfing!) and getting in the water no problem. And possibly another sail before I return to work in the New Year!

Sorry, no photos-rushing around maximising my time in the water on the short days, Happy New Year......may it bring treble figure windsurf days in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Cling, put it in the middle, then they can look at both of you when driving which keeps em quiet. Also they have to face backwards for the first 9 months or so.

    How long now..?



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