Too Dark Toooo Windy?

Imagine having all this wind about and and then not being able to say you got out, how much would it be worth. Or was it even worth going out in the first place. I actually got blown up the cliff as I tried to get down it.

The right place to go would probably have been Avon, swell should wrap round nicely and it would be cross offshore waveriding. However time and fading light are no mans friend and Southbourne is 5 minutes away from School, with little traffic.. Sneaking out of work so no one could see my early departure, I managed to get 30 mins of the water, if that. What I got in return was raging sea, huge wind and determined torrents. I felt quite out of control at times on my 4.2 icon (first use) as sizeable swells would break unsuspectingly over you and take you out. I took one nicely formed wave, two overpowerd top turns and I was 600 metres downwind, I couldn't see, it was too dark plus I had to go to the dentist. (I got there went in, 2 minutes later he told me I had perfect teeth and no problems then charged me £17.50 for the effort, I could have told him the same thing and saved us both the hassle). Coxy stayed out till it was too dark to even see the beach, all you could do was hear it. I met with a mildly distressed Lucy Cox at the top of the cliff wondering if her hubby was still alive!

Definitely worth it!!