Shivers Down My Spine

Looking ahead on Big Salty towards the next week and every day is "going off", but then look at Friday and apparently it is forecast 45knot gusts, 6.6metre waves and 12.5 second swell. That is not something to look forward to, or it is actually bloody exciting to even just go and look at it, or even swim in it and even try and launch in it. If that forecast was at Gwithian you would be thinking that is going to be huge. Up here it is probably enough to wash the whole of Bournemouth away.

So look at Gwithian, now that sends shivers down your spine. 60knots, 9,1 metre waves and an ostentatious 13.3 seconds to build that mountain up! With that wind nothing will hold, but I bet some secret spot in Cornwall that is generally always flat will be superb. IF that is the forecast holds.

More on today...

Juggling kids. Liz was away all weekend, so I had Casey for the whole weekend. Luckily Maria (Gregg's other half was my saviour) She very kindly offered (I think she offered, something happened. Maybe Gregg offered on her behalf) to look after the baby from 1pm to 3pm today to give me 2 power hours to get on the water.

There could be no messing around, one beach, one decision no matter how it looked. Boscombe, cross on, big mush burgers gusty maxed on 5.0 then under. Big jumps then big swims. Usually I would have driven around, and probably Avon would have been better. But because of the time constraint and the situation, I loved it. Had a great sail. I met up with fellow Dad Matt Wigham, expectant Dad Gregg Dunnett. "should be a dad" Colin  and finally definitely not the Daddy, Coxy also turned up. Coxy actually got some decent rides off the "surf reef"...apparently.