Seven days in the sun

Just back from a week's holidays in Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, and one I'd not been to before. As the last holiday with Maria before we become parents (and following so closely from a week in Wales where I'd left her on the beach every day, sailing, surfing and supping) it wasn't to be a full on watersports holiday, more of a reconnaissance trip for another time.

I hired kit for a couple of days, an RRD 9,something sup, which I nearly bought a few months back. Was quite happy as I didn't really like it, preferring the Starboard 8'5" which is more stable and surfs more with a short board style. Also hired a surfboard for a windy day at Cotillo beach, a booming close out. Was pretty terrified sitting out back watching some much better surfers than me pull into stand up barrels and then get obliterated as the wave closed out on them. I managed to enjoy it for a while until I got a couple of waves and then got caught inside on a big set. Still picking the sand out of my face now.

Nice place Fuerte. Bit bleak, treeless, brown and covered in volcanos like a teenager's face, but a nice place all the same. Great seafood and tons of awesome surfing and supping. Going back to work is going to be hard.