Poll - what do you think?

A poll, will this actually work...?

Having read Gregg's post and a lot of activity on Board's forum with a lot of assumption going on, I wonder what is really the cause of the publications "paper" demise. I find it hard to believe that the internet is completely the blame for the drop in sales of magazines. Is the internet just a lazy way of getting information, rarely does the internet actually provide anything with deep insight, but there are plenty of things it does provide for free such as a cheap quick read.

I wonder what peoples thoughts are, actually I wonder if anybody will bother completely the poll. I wonder if nepotism is the blame, or it suddenly became "cool" to not read the mags, despite missing them if they actually went. Maybe it is like the surprise evictions from X Factor, where the good contestants go because no one bothered to vote for them, assuming they would be safe.

If Windsurf magazine are to benefit from this financially then I hope they up their game and invest in good writers, well informed and researched original articles that are inspirational and make you excited and look forward to each month once again. Maybe it is time for a new set of personalities, unknowns in the windsurfing world, with a new set of ideas, opinions to capture the next 20 years of windsurfings future.