Cream Tea and Cheese anyone?

Damn fine return to the water today. Much more wind predicted which meant loads of fun on my Simmer 5.0Black Tip and Mistral Twinser.

Today I changed the footstrap config on my waveboard, and it made sooo much difference. They are now set at the widest with the back strap right above the fins which made it feel much more controlled, should have done it ages ago, not sure why I didn't. There are so many variables in getting the sweet spot for a board, sometimes it can take a year (of average joe sailing) to find them.

I also took some good pictures, it is enjoyable photographing windsurfing. Sometimes you actually have to remember to put the camera down and get the wetsuit on. Coxy was out this morning, he couldn't stay out for long because he had arrangements to meet some chums in a Gloucester Michelin star restaurant to eat cream tea. Surprisingly, he was sailing with an old mate, Jan Sleigh who was making a quick stop on his way to Cornwall. Times never change, Jan is still the original UK cheese roller! ----remember to poll--->


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