could it..

More South Easters on the way, could it actually happen that I manage to get some good waves. Everything seems to be in place but everything already seems to be changing. I'm trying my hardest not to get pinned down to anything this weekend.

Wierdly this week, some Fanatic DVDs and brochures turned up in a box in the post. Anyway it proved to be pretty fine entertainment watching Victor, Brawzinho and Klaas et al on the bluray player pulling off some quite inspirational stuff. Worse still it reminded me of a previous life as the visited Mauritius, Cape Town, Maui and many other places I have amazing memories of some years ago. They were the times where I on occasions would have more windsurfing in 2 days than a month now. 6 hours on the water trying move after move or wave after wave. All we have here is Darkness at 4pm!! I think it's time for a windsurfing holiday..

More impressive than the rail to rail DVD is Polakow's latest podcast film (check it out on Boards and Boardseeker). Despite watching numerous riders at Teaupeau and Jaws, watching Polakow is really something else. Jaw dropping it leaves a gasp in your stomach. I still think no one really comes close to him when it comes down to pushing the boundaries of wave riding.


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