Air to Sea Rescue attempt at Kimmeridge

Just got in from a great surf at Kimmeridge. Another mild Novembers day with low sunlight and warm air. Waves were the size where you wouldn't want them any bigger. They got glassier as the day got later. I was with master of disaster James Cox who persuaded me to take my tiny surfboard rather than my more substantial paddle board.

I kind of feel I missed about a hundred waves because I wasn't on my paddle board and I was pretty rusty on my little surfboard. It's such a dilemma now, because I know I can surf my paddle board pretty well now, and because it is only 8 5 I can do decent turns on it. I caught many waves on my surf board and a few nice ones, however I still feel a bit short changed, knowing that I would have had 3 or 4 times longer rides on a SUP and would have lost count of the number I had. I think I might need to bin my surfboard completely and just get an even smaller SUP.

Today was also the first time I used my Oshea winter suit. They are so much thicker than summer suits and I was actually too hot today, I forgot what I yoga master you have to be to get into front zip suits!. It was only when the sun went down that I felt comfortable enough to paddle hard. I can't believe it is half way through November and still too warm for a winter suit

As we came in there was a bit of worry on the beach, a rib had dramatically overturned on quite a large oncoming wave. The coastguard and helicopter came to help as the crew were stranded on the hull. I'm not sure there was much they could do apart from check the crew are ok and let the rib wash in. Shows how powerful the waves are to overturn a rib so easily.


  1. In Singapore, remember the old Sola sticker-'7 days without surf makes one week', well thats how working away from home makes me feel! Depart for Perth tom where it sounds like all the local beaches are closed due to a few shark attacks! Might be more than a month before I get into the cold water.........

  2. especially as it was going off in your neck off the woods... Perth is good for windsurfing though - surely!


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