What board do I get..?

Do I get the Simmer FSW 85 which has a tri-fin option, or do I just go for the quantum quad 85 and just get on with it! Is the fsw going to be too much of a compromise for my main board? Maybe I should also get the quantum quad 75 and the 85 fsw, however will that mean I never actually get to use a waveboard since it's always a little lighter on the inside in most places I sail and rarely need a small board. I weigh in at 82 kilos, so this is a pretty important choice of board to get right!

Right now though I am veering to just getting a quantum quad 85, any opinions welcomed!

Pic Last Thursday's sunset sail where there were a few down the liners, worryingly though I got cold hands - does that mean it is all over for comfort windsurfing.


  1. mmm 88kg, 86, 93 and 110 boards-86 never sees the light of day! 93 changes down with smaller yellow fins!!!!! If you were ever local I would be trying to talk you into 85 quad, 95/105 as the other board....
    mmm if your worried about the quad being too big, then chose one with more rocker or a cm or 2 less in the width.....
    So anyone want to buy a 86 litre fanatic twin-2010, same shape as 2011?
    And so happy quading with the bigger board I don't think I need it as I'm a big boy......
    What do I know, maybe I'm a big board freak.....

  2. you might as well just sell them all with the nipper on the way!


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