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Just stealing some stuff here from the BWA site. Well done Proffiteroll, and Andy King too - not bad for the the fuzz. Andy must be loving the starboard tack jumping after all that port tack shenaningans he has to put up with in deepest cornwall.

There were some shocks and surprises with Jamie Hancock being knocked out despite looking one of the best sailors in free sailing. Another surprise was Phil Horrocks, currently 2nd in the tour, struggling with the lighter winds but perhaps the biggest shocker was Adam Lewis failing to get past his first round. On the PWA tour Lewis is only a few points away from being in the top eight in the world but starboard tack killed his chances and spirit leaving him a broken man on the beach. Skyboy and Lewis were later seen sharing a box of cleanex!

The final saw Ben Proffitt and Andy King fighting for waves. Andy King has been away from competition for a few years but as we all know the 'backloop-king' can cause big upsets on the day and he nearly did with very snappy waveriding and confident jumps but it was current tour leader Ben Proffitt who just proved too consistent and took a deserving win with popular freestyle legend  Andy 'Bubble' Chambers claiming third.

And this from Ben on Twitter
1st.. Boom boom.. Good first day for me in Tiree. 85 quantum, 5.3 black tip perfect combo... plus a bit of luck ;)

Those black tips are awesome, I can't wait to get my 5.0 . So maybe that might have nailed my final decision about getting an 85 Simmer Quantum Quad.

Should also mention Debbie Kennedy, cleaning up the ladies - not bad for an Essex girl! 


  1. meanwhile, back in South Wales......Horton yesterday..5.2 and decreased until I couldn't catch any small waves after a couple of hours and 5.2 powered today.....windblown swell, not worth writing home about-but fun all the same......


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