Southbourne but not as we know it

Must be glocal warming. Southbourne's gone all port tack. I didn't sail as haven't been well all weekend (wuss). But enjoyed watching, and especially the James & Jamie rescue drama when Jamie's kit escaped him on the inside, and went looking for the nearest groyne to wrap itself around. James sailed in, dumped his kit on the beach, ripped off his harness baywatch style, then dived in and wrestled it to safety like a mad aussie fighting a croc. When Jamie finally swam in they hugged like long lost lovers. Very cute it was. Shame my camera had run out of battery by then.


  1. Mmm would have loved that had i beem in the country. Gregg you are a wuss. I believe it was warm also!

  2. Langland, also not as you know it today, no surfers, just 2 windsurfers-port tack with frontside until I hit both crab and an inshore rock in one run......thanks Dave for help getting my fin out!


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