nice little warm up

It got good today, and the sea is sooo warm!

Got to Southbourne, bumped into Timo Mullen who was just leaving, Jamie Hancock was still out, Brolly Wood had just turned up no sign of Coxy..

In brief there were good waves and good jumping, although I couldn't work out why my sail felt such hard work, compared to last time. After over rotating some back loops it actually clicked that I was completely overpowered. Modern sails, seem so good that they don't really tell you they are over powered, they seem to just handle it. I came in and re rigged a 4.7, went back out and was fully powered - much more success.

Gregg turned up at about 6.15, grabbed my kit and went out for a quick half hour...

Then at about 10pm, a shifty character was knocking on my door. Coxy, it turns out is still alive, but needed to borrow a wetsuit and a boom for Tiree. Well if I can't get there, then I might as well let some of my kit...

Today is also a massive day for Emile and Jenny Kott, a massive congratulations to them as baby Sienna was born today...fantastic news and best wishes to both of you!

There are a lot of babies being born this year, the legacy is starting


  1. 2 days and 2 Horton sessions for me on the Gower....Not much going on yesterday afternoon, but a small wave in cross off 5.2 this morning with only two out! Oh-congrats Emile.....

  2. Its not stopped blowing in North Devon, just ridiculous today. Sailed 4.5 but easily could have been a 4.0

  3. Thanks, whereabouts in North Devon you getting out?


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