More Stuff for Sale

Some good winds on the way, so make sure you are fully equipped..

2011 Simmer 4.7 icon. In really good condition as you can see,
typical simmer detail, kevlar reinforcement etc. Typical Icons, massive windrange, really tuneable and versatile, whilst being very light in the hands due to the new materials used in 2011. They are quite powerful, so if you like a sail to go neutral, perhaps go elsewhere. But for every other type of waveriding, jumping and coastal windsurfing, I think they are hard to beat.


2011 Simmer Icon 4.2, this sail has been used hardly at all, so it
is in excellent condition.


Next you need a good new school multifin waveboard. 2011 Mistral Twinser 82. Super strong construction, a few scrapes and scratches to the gel coat as you can see from the picture, hence a really good price for a modern board £550ovno. Snappy, Slidey and extremely loose on a wave. If you like grippy, this is not your board!:

Lastly, probably my most used board of last year. The Mistral Jokerwave 95 (95 litres). This board does pretty much anything you can throw at it when it comes down to making the most out of lighter or crappy wave conditions. It's also really effective at blogging out in lightwind down the liners. £650ovno

 some more pix: