clean as a whistle

16 second swell period, well anything over 11 second period is enough for the swell to wrap around Hengistbury Head and provide down the line wave riding at Avon beach. Usually the swell would be bigger if it had more south in in it, but it still did the job today, about head to logo in the bigger ones, but generally smaller and very clean.

Since not being to make it out earlier this week, I have been going slightly mad at a prospect of not getting out in decent waves at all. I had not been able to go to Cornwall and was a little bit tetchy at the chance of missing it all.. As it was today's forecast had been getting worse and worse. Fortunately the swell remained...

It was light, really light. I had my lovely Black Tip 5.6 on my Joker Wave 95. There was just enough breeze to sit in the harness and float out but not enough to plane fully. There was also a bit of a current and a herd of paddle boarders paddling in single formation to make head way against the current. There were also packs of surfers out, and about 10 wind boarders.. And this was at 8.30am!

My second wave I got seven turns on, not powerful, but more of a surfing style, the inside section forming a nice little bowl to do a small off the lip..

Mark Aggy was out on small board and a 5.1, don't know how he managed it, but he caught a some choice waves. I preferred the bigger option and to keep the wave count up. Emile who also couldn't make Cornwall decided to come and visit also, opting for a Goya Quad 92 and a 5.3, and then his 8'8 Nahskwell paddle board. He was pretty stoked at having some of the longest waverides he reckons he has had on a paddle board.

When the wind picked up I had enough to plane and caught some fantastic waves, all things considered. Soon there was also a barrage of kitesurfers dropping in on every wave they could possibly steal.. A couple of them were ripping it up though. Fred Willis and a few others turned up in the afternoon and went windsupping, catching waves with ease. All in all, a lot of water activity going on which you have to be happy about.

Today would have been classic had there been more wind, unfortunately not the case. But the good thing is that the sand bar is in the right place to get a hundred metre long waveride or so..

wobble wobble wobble!


  1. Yesterday was fun on the Gower, 4 of us at Llangenith and a 12 foot swell with a period of 7 seconds! 5.2 and cross, quickly cross on 4.7 for the sailing in boiling water! Fun, not classic riding-but good jumping later on!! OK forecast for the next few days, just not sure when I have to leave back to work next!


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