A True Story...Broad Bench Sunset Sail..

I think Coxy could have filed a harrasement notice for the amount of times I called him to hastle him into taking a chance on Kimmeridge last Sunday. How was I to know he had been booked in for a day of DIY, the fixing stuff kind we are talking about here. I found it amusing that on one of my earlier calls he was cementing some wayward bricks in his garden path, slightly more amusing was when about 20 minutes later it rained harder than it did even yesterday.

I did trust Big Salty that it was going to be better later in the day, despite text from Rod at 8.30 in the morning stating it was 4.7weather. I decided family time would be a more diplomatic way to spend the morning and early afternoon.
Givng Rod some road rage on the way home.
I also knew that Gregg was at Kimmeridge, giving me slightly confusing and often torturous updates. "Great waves, will be awesome if wind fills in"  "Bring the SUP, and can you pick mine up from the shed", "going out with a 5.7 if you don't hear from me it's good", "fu..ing shit, don't bother, wind all over the place". I mean, how can you make a rational decision with such misinformation.

Closing Sun day
Coxy decided not too go, I decided not to go, but maybe to go to Milford. Looking at Southbourne I got all twitchy and nervous, my head was playing the usual mind games. "If there is swell at Southbourne, it must be good at Kimmeridge", "What if Gregg gets an amazing down the line session at the Bench, and I'm at home changing nappies", "How can I go through the week at School, and have missed on the most amazing session ever" etc etc. Then I roped Coxy into the mind games. It was decided we had to go.

Better to go and be disappointing, than to not go and be suicidal.

Post sail banter with Coxy, Rod, Naomi and Stella
I picked Coxy up, he was in some kind of mesmorised dreamlike state, it took him about 10 trips to get his kit, bringing each sail one by one to the van. Then he brought the four pack of Stella, I understood it all.

We got to the Kimmeridge, the Bench looked OK. There was no wind on the inside, but I could see a wave, and people waveriding. Plus I had a brand new 4 batten 5.6 Simmer Black tip to try, and these were just the conditions I got it for. Gregg was doubtful, and unfortunately he doubted himself the wrong way.

We set out for the slog upwind. Then suddenly everyone was coming in - why were they doing this, had the good timing, not been good timing at all?

Turned out to be a pretty good session. Small waves, but cross off and clean. If you played the numbers then some real decent ones came through. It was even romantic, just Coxy and myself and an ebbing Sun. Fin Mullen joined us for the last 45 minutes before the wind almost dropped to nothing and the possibility of getting home became a real doubt...