Super Massive Kit Sail

Time of year to move some lovely kit on and hopefully get some even more super lovely kit....

I have the following for sale and will include some pictures shortly.

Sails, all Simmer Icons - These sails have a great reputation and need no introduction. They are decent and do any job you ask, apart from perhaps walking the dog.

4.2 blue/white, little use over the last year as you would expect from a 4.2 when there is a lack of wind £200

4.7 yellow/white, excellent condition and very well looked after £220
5.3 Blue/white, again excellent condition and very well looked after £230

They all rig on a 400 mast, although the 4.2 is better on a 370.

For a quick sale I would accept £600 for the lot

5.7   blue/white this one is a couple of years old, Simmer XD a really nice sail and not that mast fussy at all, I have used it on SDM's and RDM's alike. Good condition and well looked after £170


I have two 2011 Mistral boards for sale which I will do at a really good price. They are in good condition, both have gelcoat chips but nothing structural and a couple of scrapes here and there, but they are waveboards! Two really good prices for two really good boards...

Twinser 82, complete with Da Kine footstraps and Maui Ultrafins (alone worth £150).
This board does everything you expect of a twin fin, loose and in the pocket, it is really nice and throw aroudn on the wave. The ride is really comfortable too. It's a really strong construction as not made in the Cobra factory.

JokerWave 95
I have used this as my big waveboard, freestyle wave bump and jump board. It delivers really well for a big board, and is really smooth in the bottom turn - can also be turned tightly. It is also good for float and ride and I have used it in some fairly sizeable waves. It comes with a Maui Ultrafin which is great for jumping and more marginal conditions. When the waves are better I put a smaller standard shaped wave fin in, and it basically becomes a large waveboard - really versatile and strong.
Similar condition to the Twinser, although it does have a small dent in the bottom which I am not really sure how it got there.

Now if you think about what a special deal this is...

For the price of a JP waveboard £1600... you could actually get an amazing wavesailing set up

3 icons and two modern boards for £1600


The lot for £1770 (less than a starboard quad)

Now that is a pretty bloody good deal!

Contact me by email, or 07950 273357


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