PWA, new stuff, more wind, more sunshine, more injuries..

Well, well, well what a week. I had plenty of intentions of blogging something about a lot of things, but, well with all that time at work I just never got round to it. Speaking of work, much of my time was spent trying to watch the live stream from the PWA Klitmoller. I loved every minute of it, how much more exciting is it watching live windsurfing than football, the grand prix and even tennis. More of that later though....

More importantly, I have some epic new sails. My wife decided to get a new car (family and dog reasons), it was a sad day swapping the lovely audi. I'm not saying what we have got, but I am eating plenty of humble pie. My sails though arrived the same day, I was admiring them in the garden probably more than I should have been considering I had not even seen the new car and my wife was wondering why,,...But look at them, they look so good. Just wait until you see the 5.6 Black tip. Any money you have hidden under your bed you will be parting with very shortly....

The 2012 Icons are what you would expect from Simmer, a lot of attention to detail, they feel similar to last years, power with a touch of softness, however the main difference is that they feel a lot lighter. The static weight is a bit lighter, but I couldn't help notice how effortless it felt. Today I was on the 5.3.

I'm not sure I expected to get a good windsurf in today, but the waves were fun and the sun was out (for a brief time, before the torrential down pour.

 There was talk of going to Kimmeridge today, but it looks like tomorrow will be better there, with it going west to north west. I have a feeling it might be quite rammed, it's the kind of forecast where everyone has one idea in mind.

Even the bald head eagle, Jem Hall has been texting us all this morning.

Coxy turned up eventually, and after nailing plenty of Taka's last week he was keen to try some again, although he was playing it pretty dangerously, smacking lips of the shorebreak nailing himself into the
 sand. Never underestimate the Southbourne shorebreak as Gregg will tell you! Even today when it was small, at one point I couldn't launch for a good 5 minutes...

Pete Samson, another local who hasn't been seen here for a long while has recently found a renewed interest after last Sunday's epic session. Such a shame that today just as he got down the cliff the wind buggered off. Unfortunately reminding him of all the bad things about windsurfing.

Not quite Koster!
Just before the downpour with the yacht race in the
 Well with last Sunday in mind I sessioned myself again. My back back foot came out of my footstrap just as I was dropping down the wave face, pulling my groin muscle, or whatever muscle it is, all the way down to my ankle.

I didn't even want to look at the conditions this week. I heard it was good though. You never realise how crucial muscles are until you hurt them, then you realise just how you use them when waveriding.

James Cox - a late entry to the day
As mentioned before, it wasnt all bad. I hope a lot of people watched the PWA live streaming. It was fantastic, Philip Koester was in a whole category of his own, in conditions that you would look at and go find somewhere else better, he managed to make the 2010 world champion, Victor Fernandez-Lopez, look average. His style is smooth for such a big guy, and for such a young chap he competition nounce is as confident as Bjorn Dunkerbeck. He even looks a bit like the big man!. However, I do feel that the judges did get a bit carried away in the moment in his final against Campello. Campello in my book choose the bigger harder waves, and was mind blowingly mind blowing when it came to the jumps. Koster stuck to the smaller longer waves on the inside (admittedly, pulling off taka's and one handed goita's), where Campello fully went for it on some massive sections. Koster however is world champion by a country mile, and deservedly so. We all want to see how he can translate his style to starboard tack, and cross offshore. I somehow think he will be quite awe inspiring at that...

Swifty's commentry was also superb, informative, factual, thoughtful and coupled with Ben Proffits jolly style, I found it hard to take my eyes of the screen.

It's probably quite easy to get carried away with Koster's performance. Many of the Brit's stood out, notably Phil Horrocks and Adam Lewis of the OTC. Adam has gone from being an average youth, to a complete PWA contender. The height and quality of his jumps are up there with the top 5 in the world, very impressive.

However, apart from Campello and Koster, the standout to me was Thomas Traversa, this guy must be so underrated, probably because he never pulls it together in the single elimination. His wave riding is amazing, smooth, powerful and purposeful. He got knocked out in the last 5, but he had to do 3 or 4 20 minute competition heats to get there and must have been knackered, plus he broke a mast or something like that. Traversa versus Koster would have been quite a draw.