Jamie, James, Jim, Jimmy, Jimbo, J, Jimmeny...

So many ways to say that name, it not only amazes me, but fascinates me.

How is it possible that my first week back to work brings the mother of all forecasts. Actually I still haven't recovered from the weekend stag ceremonious occasion of Jim "Jimmy's Iced Coffee" Cregan, to be able to cope with work.I might have paddleboarded like a drunk on Saturday, but I'm certain to say that I windsurfed like a sleepwalker today.

Fortunately James "Jim" Cox, Jamie Hancock and Gregg "Larry" J Dunnett  were around to make use of some great conditions in the faltering light...

We would have hopefully had some watershots to show you on the new waterproof camera, but erm, Gregg might have let go of it when getting worked by a wave. Gregg's history of Camera mismanagement is remarkable...!


  1. Great to see you guys getting sick action... planning a trip to the UK in October so here's me hoping for some action!




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