Home for Gower Stoke!

So I missed it-When I see a low off 960ish passing through the Atlantic I should start to make my excuses! I would if I was working, but I was on holiday in France, enjoying the sun, sailing in my shorts a few days in the Med and generally living the life! But with weddings to attend (I missed the church as it was mistral, only did the fun part) and family to catch up with I had my hands tied this time.
It sounds like September is the new October or November chatting to the guys on the Gower. Rumours of 7 and 9 days straight wave sailing and some to write home about too.
I saw that this weekend had half the chance of being fun and after dinner on Thursday I lifted the clutch and drove the length of France and jumped on a ferry. I missed the tail end of the hurricane and I wanted to make sure I had some waves before I work next.
The Gower as usual demonstrated it usual fickle self, chatting to Fred I might have slept through the Pill after spending most of the night unloading the van and arranging 90 bottles of wine in the garage! Arriving at Horton only to have to swim home twice in tiny waves when the wind dropped to nothing after a shower......but I left the kit on the beach, got the SUP and had some waves and then the wind began to fill in.....I was rewarded with smooth, cross off, over head high joy! Some of the regulars joined me, Fred was ripping, Ling had a late arrival and a few hits before the tide got too high and things stopped working.
Sunday I was motivated to head to Llangenith by Matt. Chris was already out in a chunky cross/cross/on from the NNW. With his tips as what to rig we headed out-me on 5.2 for some front side and jumping......Matt was trying to chat as we sailed, Gath head mad it impossible to hear him, but the hand signals said it all-some sets were marching in at logo high with a surprise puch......
I had a great holiday, relaxing, restful, some sport and a great time with family and friends.
Stoked to be home.....