3 sessions in the last week, glassy Horton-about as good as we get, Llangenith shown above with Matt and overpowered Horton on Wednesday.....just knew I was rigging too big and was too bloody minded to change down!!
Can't use my computer, been cementing and my hands are too smooth!!
Hoping for this afternoon.......

Thanks Chris for the pictures


  1. mmm too light today, nice coffee in the van and a bit of a wobble around the surf!

  2. they need to get some decent sails up there in the Gower, Don't let James Cox have too much influence.

  3. with nearly 7000 hits this month, I would have thought you might be able to help me find an importer so I don't have to buy my sails second hand off you guys anymore.......Ezzys are strong, which is a must for me, wouldn't mind an couple of boards for the winter........


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