Monday mush!

I was home doing admin on the laptop and watching XCweather with more attention than the reports I was writing! When the breeze hit 20 knots I rapidly got into the van thinking that it was hardly worth a ring around with everyone being at work or on holiday!
Faced with the choice of Horton with WNW and the wrong tide and probably only a ripple or Llangenith onshore and 7-8 foot on the buoy so a decent swell I was swayed to try my luck at getting out!! (Virtually bolt onshore!!)
To my surprise as I entered Hill End camping and looked towards where the windsurfers park I could see a familiar Mondeo-well, it could only be one of two people and when I ran through the dunes with my board I could see Dave walking into position to try and get a run out through the million surf school kooks! Luckily with Dave having a hardened wave sailing quiver of one board and two sails it was easy for me to select what kit to take! With the onshore and plenty of white water the freestyle boat and 5.8 I was out in one run (with far less consideration to the tourists on slices of toast than others might give!!) One surfer was miles out-still on the inside on set and nearly browned his wetsuit when I buzzed behind him at full tilt and hit a ramp!
My luck motivated Dave to keep bashing out and join me on the outside where I was fully powered with some long floaty jumps and just enjoying having a sail after a month of work with no windsurfing!!
Matt then also turned up and battled through as we were finishing up.
So all three of us came to the same conclusion for todays session and it was worth it. Managed to get some shots of Matt and the summer mood at Llangenith-only had my small camera so its a bit like spot the ezzy!!!!!!!