maxed out

This hangover I had yesterday, I was too tired and uncomfortable to sleep, talk or even walk. Charlie and a 7 year matured fine Havana rum made my morning hell. We stayed at the beach huts after Lucy Cox's 30th birthday, there was talk of a big windsurf session - well everyone was talking. Coxy was trying to keep his cool and be honorable to his wifes occasion and didn't have his windsurfing kit.

I made the erratic decision, that despite it being 5.0 weather, the only way to wake myself up was to rig my 6.6 slalom kit out and get right into the zone. I found Simon Cox on his 6.0 slalom gear and we burned around pretty maxed half way to the IOW where the chop was severe control was pretty hard, but we managed to notch up 27knots when I thought we were going slow. The 6.6 Simmer V max is a pretty amazing sail. Going upwind I literally didnt have my back hand on the boom - couldn't sheet in, but it towed me there like a juganaut. I managed to sail for an hour before cramp made my forearms useless. I came in and Tim Cox went out on his 4.7.

Now here is something everyone should try. That afternoon everyone was out, sailing off the head with 5.3's.  Coxy (who had his kit), Leo, Brolly, Simon, Tim, Gregg, Colin, Will, Peaky and a load of others. The only 5.0 I could find (my kit at home) was a 5.0 Gaastra freestyle sail from 1990, a 4 batten green thing from about the time of the infamous but excellent Heart and Soul video. Well, can't be that bad I thought - especially on a more modern mast. Well it worked, that is all I can say, and was also kind of fun too. In fact it worked really well when it dropped a little. Ok so my harness lines had to be far apart and the draft was all over the shop, but it wasn't so bad you couldn't sail it. In fact I managed 4 forwards on it despite the lack of any defined waves. The worst thing was the foot shape! Was quite fun really - for a small while! Colours looked great though!


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