Kids, Penny Wilson, Xchurch Harbour

Not that much going on down here, however I haven't been able to do much since putting my neck out. I have, however, been able to do some windsurfing lessons (or coaching if you want it to sound cool). There are a great group of teenagers around, who with some tips and a bit of direction really want to get into windsurfing. It is amazing how quick they pick things up. Anna who is 14 has done a level one course, then after 3 lessons with me she is using the harness and footstraps and loves it. I also loaned this kid Ed loads of my kit and he has been plugging away with it. He is quite light, so yesterday I put him on my 100 litre board to see what would happen. He can get in the straps or waterstart, but flew off the beach planing and is probably hooked for life now.

Penny Wilson has also been out everyday in the harbour training her daughter and friends on the techno. She has so much fluidity and style when racing, and it is rubbing off on her daughter, who won a recent world championships. If she still likes it in a few years time I think Bryony will have a challenger. With a coach with the skill and experience of Penny she could go really far!