K-Bay Ledges

Wierd one yesterday, for some reason I thought K-bay could be epic, and perhaps it was. After the drive there and getting stuck in a 6 mile long jam because of a horse and cart trundling through Wareham, I just wasn't in the right frame of mind.

There were some half decent waves breaking on the ledges though, unfortunately I wasted what could have been a good session by rigging a 5.3 when clearly I should have rigged a 5.7. I managed to get a few good rides but still not quite enough power to get any elevation on jumping, despite some inspiration from Timo who was making backies look easy even with a 5.7.

Rod as ever had the time of his life on his MOooo triple fin and 5.8! That man just loves it, would I trust him though - I'm not sure...


  1. Ah but you were just late - If you had got there for the tide on the push (when there was more wind) you would have had the time of your life too!


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